Betting agent

The bookmaker system is a system in which we give you your own account with $20,000 dollars. We do not need any deposits from you, but it is free for you, but it can only be used in deposits for players. For each deposit, we send you a wallet number or a different payment method, and the player pays the payment method first, and the deposit process is completed. On the iD player account, for every deposit from players, you get 2% from every deposit, and also when you withdraw, you get 1% from every withdrawal.

Mobcash agent

The MobiCash agent system is a special system for Mobcash owners in betting companies. If you have Mobcash, you can get a player by putting the numbers of your electronic wallet or payment methods on MyCash, and when a player enters and charges, the private payment numbers or means appear and the shipping is done through Your numbers, then you receive a message via your WhatsApp regarding the deposit process and the player’s ID after you received a message from the electronic wallet company about payment, and from here you have obtained the players through My Cash.

MyCash is a company dedicated to managing betting funds Work for us without advance payment

Become an agent now to make quick money with 2% of your deposits

1% of withdrawals 

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